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This is not a comprehensive list of our capabilities. As a professional shop, our work can reflect your needs. Contact us for questions about your boat engine requirements.

Leah Modeling Next to a Corvette

Pricing for 2018 Season

Piston Balancing (set of 6) $175.00
Rods Balancing (set of 6) Late Model small $175.00
Rods Balancing (set of 6) Early Model large $200.00
Cut Stator .030 to clear flywheel $35.00
Lap Reed Cages $60.00
Lap Sealing Rings $60.00
Angle Cut Intake Manifold and Spacer $125.00
Machine and Hand Port Block (Drag) Call for Pricing
Machine and Hand Port Block (260hp) Call for Pricing
Cut and CC Heads (Radial Look) $195.00
Cut and CC "O" Ring head $375.00
Dry Stack Tuner Adapter $250.00
Encapsulated light weight Wrist Pins (Stock is 107) $195.00
Assemble Longblock Call for Pricing
Assemble Drop-On Powerhead All for Pricing
Cryo Freezing Available Call for Pricing
T-Shirt with Logo on Front and Back $20.00
JSRE Decals $5.00 Each
JSRE Ball Cap $15.00

Quick turnaround on most motor custom machine work and aluminum welding. Send COD bank check on all items ...EVERYONE! Send motors as "motor freight" at owner's expense. No Warranty implied or expressed on any modified parts. (with the RPMs these motors turn, even the manufacturer won't warranty them ... and neither will we.